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Hughesnet satellite Internet is far from a minor player in the world of internet service. The United States Army uses Hughesnet for its satellite internet hookups. The reason why the armed forces choose Hughesnet should not be all that difficult to conclude. The reliability of the signal is above reproach. Security offered by Hughesnet is top of the line as well. The connection is not hardwired through the cable system or the phone lines. Rather, a dish is installed and you connect the modem to the dish. The modem can be hardwired to the dish or connected to a router. The router, of course, allows for a reliable wireless signal. Customers are certainly going to look for solid deals on any internet service they subscribe to and Hughesnet definitely has competitive pricing packages available.

There are plenty of benefits to be had by using satellite Internet access. Like everything in life this kind of Internet access also has pros and cons. The benefits of using satellite Internet are extremely strong and valid. Investing in such an Internet access therefore makes complete sense. One of the biggest benefits is that it does away with the requirement of a telephone line to access the Internet and this can be extremely critical for a person living in or operating from a remote area.


Best Technical And Customer Support

If you are a professional running personal and business applications from home, Hughesnet offers a Professional service plan designed for home-based business owners like you. The service supports up to two users at a time, and accommodates users who need to download large files from the Internet. The Hughesnet modem provides a simple Ethernet connection, making it easy to connect your computer or your existing home network to the Internet. And with no software to load, professional installation, and 24/7 technical support, Hughesnet makes getting started a breeze.

You will find that the customer service is top notch if you ever have any issues with your connection, and that the installation process itself is rather smooth. If you're looking for a satellite internet provider that has a good working experience, high end customer service, free installation, and options that can allow you to control your satellite equipment, then Hughesnet is the way to go. Hughesnet offers the choice of either buying or leasing the required equipment and often has special offers and rebates to help customers save on equipment costs. Wild Blue offers a basic Value package but its Select package is more comparable to Hughes net’s basic service. The Select package includes up to five e-mail addresses and free virus and spyware protection for the first 12 months. Wild Blue customers lease equipment, either paying a monthly free or pre-pay for a two year lease. Wild Blue also charges a set-up fee to start service.


Bandwidth Allowance Per Month
20 Gb

Download Speed
15 mbps

Upload Speed

$49.99 – $129.99

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